Bitcoin Group SE

tl;dr: Bitcoin Group is a German investment company that includes futurum bank AG as part of its group. Previously, Bitcoin Deutschland AG was also part of the group, but it has now merged with futurum bank AG. The company operates, a major German cryptocurrency exchange.

About Bitcoin Group SE

Bitcoin Group is a German investment company focused on the cryptocurrency and blockchain sectors. The company has recently merged its two wholly-owned subsidiaries, Bitcoin Deutschland AG and futurum bank AG. As part of the merger, Bitcoin Deutschland AG has been absorbed into futurum bank AG, with the latter becoming the legal successor of the former.

This consolidation enables Bitcoin Group SE to strengthen its position as a cryptocurrency trading platform and custodian, offering better and more integrated services to its customers. The company operates, one of the largest German cryptocurrency exchanges, which allows users to buy and sell Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin Group SE is actively engaged in the trading and custody of cryptocurrencies and is publicly traded on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol ADE.